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David Shillinglaw

Psychedelic Relic

Psychedelic Relic

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- 100% cotton

- Odour & stain resistant

- Machine washable

- Fringed hems


Introducing Psychedelic Relic, by David Shillinglaw. This is an exploration of art in alternate forms. Terra Cotta Prints is no longer here to just cover your walls. It's here to be part of the furniture.

The artwork, Psychedelic Relic, is a primitive, gender-fluid figure. The form echoes ancient hieroglyphs and uses the human body as a map or the personification of planet Earth. Pieced together from drawn, painted and collaged scraps, the figure is an attempt to describe the universal human flow.

These throws are cotton, lightweight and soft to the touch. We use the finest quality yarn stitched in a thermal weave to create a breathable, luxurious finish. To top it off, they are odour and stain-resistant, hypoallergenic and machine washable.

Place it on your sofa, hang it on your wall, or use it as a rug or a blanket - these throws are perfect for all corners of your home.

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    Enjoy this original canvas painting in a new form. An alternate way to enjoy and interact with art.


    Shipped globally on a premium tracked service


    100% cotton jacquard woven throw

Artist David Shillinglaw - An Art Print by Terracotta Prints

David Shillinglaw

David Shillinglaw

David Shillinglaw, based in the UK, is celebrated for his evocative artworks that delve into themes of human nature, and the language we use to articulate our lives. His artistic journey moves fluidly between the street and the studio, employing a diverse range of materials and techniques. This results in an array of creations, from intricate drawings and collages to vast murals and installations.

David’s pieces are distinguished by their vibrant and dynamic compositions, depicting chaotic systems where natural forms and human features both emerge from and are constrained by grids and organised lines. His work offers a profound exploration of the complex and often contradictory human condition, highlighting our constant quest for order amidst chaos.

Artist David Shillinglaw - An Art Print by Terracotta Prints

Luxurious Quality

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Experience luxury with our 100% cotton jacquard throws – soft, breathable, and customizable. Using cutting-edge technology, we recreate your art in 195 color finishes, adding a vibrant fringe for the perfect touch. Odour-resistant, hypoallergenic, and easy to maintain. Explore custom design possibilities with our step-by-step guide