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Niamh Birch

Smart Casual | Limited Edition

Smart Casual | Limited Edition

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- Art Year: 2023

- Print Size: 16x16"

- Total of 100 prints

- Hand-signed by artist

Niamh Birch, a North Devon native, crafts vibrant narratives from her Hackney Wick studio. With residencies at 44AD Gallery and showcases from LA to Mayfair's Paul Smith store, Niamh’s work reveals overlooked beauty in everyday scenes. Harmonising cheerful elements with bold outlines, her art captures the essence of familiar and eclectic spaces. Using still-life motifs and vivid portraiture Niamh invites you to explore the richness of ordinary moments.

‘Smart Casual’ presents Niamh’s most cherished artwork of 2023. Niamh says ‘I perceive the figures to have bumped into each other, engaging in a leisurely conversation that could easily turn into them nattering away for hours’. The subjects, resembling self-portraits, don distinctive attire, reflecting diverse facets of Niamh's character. Notably, the composition features a stark yet vivid parquet flooring, reminiscent of her mother's farmhouse in West Cork, Ireland. ‘Smart Casual’ offers a personal narrative and the opportunity to imagine infinite possible worlds beyond the captured frame.

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